POLITICS ON THE BANKS OF THE JORDAN is an independent, non-profit, political commentary on Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian affairs. It seeks to provide informed and non-partisan analysis of current affairs on both sides of the river Jordan. The issues that are brought up include everything from greater regional political developments to domestic politics and local social events.

The blog’s target audience is anyone interested in an academic perspective on the contemporary politics and society of this region. The name of the blog is an exclusively geographical reference to a particular part of the Middle East (Israel, Palestine and Jordan). It does not carry any further connotations or (religious) symbolism. The blog is mainly being written on location, on the west and east banks of the Jordan. 

Dr Björn Brenner is the editor and main contributor to the blog. When a guest writer appears, the contribution is clearly marked “Guest Writer” together with the contributor’s full name. With this exception, all views expressed in the blog belong to Dr Brenner and do not necessarily represent the positions, opinions or policies of his employer. This disclaimer refers equally to the Twitter and Instagram accounts connected to this website.


Dr Björn Brenner researches and lectures on contemporary Middle Eastern politics, currently at the Swedish Defence University in Stockholm. Since 2008, his research has focused on Syrian, Lebanese, Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian politics. One focal point has been to closely follow and understand the local political situation in the Gaza Strip and the tensions between the various actors there. Much of this research has taken place on location in the Middle East.

In 2009, Björn studied at Damascus University and during the following years, 2010-2015, he conducted field studies in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. By means of his participant observation approach, staying with families with varying political connections, he was able to interview both leaders and activists of several of the region’s more controversial political factions.

On a more general level, Björn’s research has dealt with issues connected with Islamism and democracy and to what extent these concepts could be regarded as compatible in practice. His doctoral thesis addresses the overarching question of how Islamists who have succeeded in reaching positions of political power have then come to govern in practice.

In 2015, Björn received his doctorate in Peace and Development Studies from the University of Gothenburg and was appointed Research Fellow (Chercheur associé) at the Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo) in Amman, Jordan. His postdoctoral project, 2016-2017, focused on exploring Jordanian-Palestinian intersections of local customary dispute resolution methods, formal justice-making and domestic politics.

Björn has a wide-ranging interest in politics, religion and society in the Middle East, which includes everything from violent extremism to more non-political phenomena such as regional popular music and dialectical differences in the Arabic language.

In Scandinavia as well as in the Middle East, Björn participates as an expert commentator in radio, television and the press. He is also a regular contributor to several international journals and newspapers, including Mediterranean Politics, Strategic Assessment, Haaretz and Sweden’s biggest daily Svenska Dagbladet.

Pour une présentation de Björn Brenner en français, aller sur sa page personnelle de l’Institut français du Proche-Orient.


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Björn Brenner

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