Book review in Mediterranean Politics: Le Hamas et le monde

In the latest issue of Mediterranean Politics, Björn Brenner reviews Leila Seurat’s new book Le Hamas et le monde (2015). The book is an informed analysis of Hamas’s foreign policy and a fresh contribution to a thus far relatively scarce body of literature on Hamas.

Excerpts from the review

“The literature thus far on Hamas has sought to understand this seemingly paradoxical movement using an array of different approaches, including its historical roots, organizational structure, ideology, use of violence, social welfare activities, as well as internal representation and elections. Seurat adds a fresh approach to these already tested ones: understanding Hamas through the making of its foreign policy.”

“Although Seurat might not arrive at any surprising theoretical conclusions, however, her approach is innovative and the analysis serves to support and weaken various parts of the existing literature. Most importantly, it dismisses the simplistic understandings of Hamas as being a static and inherently violent organization.”

“Seurat’s book corroborates the more complex picture of a political actor whose output behaviour is the product of a combination of several factors, ranging all the way from internal deliberations to external circumstances.”

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Brenner, Björn (2016) ‘Le Hamas et le monde’, Book review, Mediterranean Politics, 21 (3).

(The top photo is a cropped version of the book’s front cover.)