Khaled Meshaal: There is still hope for Fatah-Hamas reconciliation

The past weeks have seen some political developments with potential direct or indirect impact on Hamas’s future position and possibilities/constraints in the region.

These developments include:

– The Arab League’s designation of Hizbollah as a terrorist organisation

– Egypt’s accusation of Hamas to be cooperating with the Salafi-Jihadis in the Sinai peninsula

– Egypt’s accusation of Hamas to have assisted in the murder of Egyptian public prosecutor Hisham Barakat

– First visit of a top level Hamas delegation to Cairo to meet with heads of Egyptian intelligence services (padoxically coinciding with the accusations above

– Egypt forces Hamas to (openly) break its ties with the Muslim Brotherhood in exchange for re-opening the Rafah crossing and stop flooding the tunnels

– New attempted reconciliation talks between Fatah and Hamas

– Claims by Fatah to be considering the possibility of re-taking control over the Gaza Strip by force (paradoxically coinciding with the reconciliation talks)

– Opening a floating seaport outside Gaza is on the agenda in the ongoing Turkish-Israeli reconciliation talks

– Resumed rocket fire from Gaza against Israel

– Increasing number of tunnels in Gaza are collapsing, leading to several dozens of fatalities

– Internal struggle for influence, Khaled Meshaal in Qatar is challenged by Yahiya Sinwar in Gaza

– Closing down of Iranian charities in Gaza by Hamas

– Political rapprochement between Israel and several Arab states including Saudi Arabia and UAE

Earlier this week, France24 aired a recently recorded interview with Khaled Meshaal, the head of Hamas’s political bureau in Doha. In this interview, Meshaal comments on several of the topics listed above.

Watch the whole interview here

Political leader of Hamas Khaled Meshaal, France24, 15 March 2016.

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