Relocation Of US Embassy To Jerusalem – Controversial And Dangerous

Relocation of US embassy to Jerusalem - controversial and dangerous

US president Donald Trump intends to relocate the US embassy in Israel from its current location in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Such a move would mean a shift in current US policy on the political and legal status of Jerusalem. It would also signal green lights to the Netanyahu administration for its current expansionist policy on settlement building in East Jerusalem and across the West Bank. While some parts of the international community nowadays recognise Israel's de facto authority over Jerusalem, nearly no other country in the world has yet recognised Israel's de jure authority over the city, not even…

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Swedish FM Margot Wallström’s Visit To The Palestinian Territories

Swedish FM Margot Wallström's visit to the Palestinian territories

On 15–17 December, Sweden's foreign minister Margot Wallström visited the Palestinian territories for bilateral talks with president of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas and Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki. According to a Swedish official statement, the talks focused on 'how Sweden and Palestine can deepen their relations following Sweden's recognition of Palestine, the importance of democratic development, respect for human rights and gender equality, and what can be done to strengthen hopes of a two-state solution, with Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace and security'. In an op-ed prior to her visit, PM Wallström outlined her intentions: 'I visit Palestine…

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Jordan’s IS Fighters – Products Of A Flawed Educational System

Jordan's IS fighters - products of a flawed educational system

This is a summary in English of an article by Björn Brenner recently published in the Journal of the Swedish Institute for International Affairs (Utrikesmagasinet). The article in Swedish can be read in full here. Since 2011, around 30,000 young men and women from all over the world have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join the ranks of the Islamic State and other jihadi groups. Among these, 6,000 people have come from Europe and as many as 17,000 from the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa) alone. These figures show that the foreign fighter phenomenon is first and…

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Lame Hate Crime Legislation In Sweden Concerning Islamic State Flags?

Lame hate crime legislation in Sweden concerning Islamic State flags?

The ruling by a Swedish prosecutor not to press charges against a man waving an IS flag in a Facebook post has drawn international media attention. A 23-year-old man from southern Sweden posted a picture on Facebook of himself posing with an IS flag. The posting was reported to the police and investigated by Swedish prosecutors. However, the case was eventually dropped without resulting in any legal consequences. In addition to the media reporting, a closer look at what actually happened is needed: The prosecutor’s dismissal of the case was not related to any form of complaisance towards the Islamic…

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