Raqqa After IS/Daesh – Who Will Be The Next Rulers Of Northeastern Syria?

Raqqa after IS/Daesh - Who will be the next rulers of northeastern Syria?

ANALYSIS BY BJÖRN BRENNER Following IS/Daesh's ouster from Raqqa, new local conflict lines emerge as different actors begin to manoeuvre aspiring to gain control over the war-torn territory. Summary of analysis: ”One of the key policy analysis questions now is who will eventually take control over northeastern Syria. Will it be the SDF, Assad-loyal militias, or perhaps Turkey?" ”The SDF appears to be accentuating its partly Kurdish identity. If this continues, SDF presence in the Raqqa region will not be accepted by Turkey, neither by the Raqqans themselves who are 99 percent Sunni.” Listen to/watch the full analysis (in Swedish):…

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The Swedish Film Institute Airs OMAR And Hosts Public Discussion About Its Content

The Swedish Film Institute airs OMAR and hosts public discussion about its content

PUBLIC DISCUSSION WITH BJÖRN BRENNER On the 17th October, the Swedish National Film Institute will air OMAR (2013) and afterwards host a public discussion with Björn Brenner about its content, led by Hans Brun. The event will take place at Filmhuset Bio Victor at 6 pm. The discussion aims to touch upon the broader themes of the film: the differing narratives of the conflict, the root causes of radicalisation and the notion of asymmetry in regard to the different means both sides have used in trying to fight each other. BUY TICKETS FOR THE EVENT HERE WATCH THE TRAILER FOR OMAR…

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What Is The Nature Of Hamas’s Relations With The Muslim Brotherhood?

What is the nature of Hamas's relations with the Muslim Brotherhood?

ARTICLE BY BJÖRN BRENNER Hamas has often been described as the Palestinian chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood. This picture fits quite well with what the relationship between these two groups looked like in the 1980s, some thirty years ago. However, since then, their relationship has changed fundamentally. Today, almost nothing remains of these originally tight bonds. In this article, Björn Brenner illustrates these fading bonds by taking a closer look into how the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas related to each other before and during the Mursi presidency. "Sprickan mellan Hamas och det Muslimska Brödraskapet", Tidskriften Respons (september) 2017. "The farthest…

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TLV1 – Interview With Author Of GAZA UNDER HAMAS

TLV1 - Interview with author of GAZA UNDER HAMAS

INTERVIEW WITH BJÖRN BRENNER "The burden of responsibility: Hamas rule in Gaza", TLV1 The Tel Aviv Review, 11 August 2017." In this interview, Dr Björn Brenner discusses his new book GAZA UNDER HAMAS (London: I.B. Tauris, 2017) and personal impressions of the political dynamics that play out inside the coastal territory.   GAZA UNDER HAMAS shortlisted for Palestine Book Awards 2017  GAZA UNDER HAMAS Facebook Page GAZA UNDER HAMAS on Amazon.com    

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