Commentary On Swedish PM Stefan Löfven’s Visit To Jordan

Commentary on Swedish PM Stefan Löfven's visit to Jordan

Following Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven's meeting with Jordanian counterpart Hani al-Mulki, Expressen TV interviewed Björn Brenner about Swedish-Jordanian relations and the current humanitarian and security situation in the Hashemite kingdom. These were the main points of his commentary: - The current wave of Syrian refugees is a critical challenge for the Jordanian government. Potentially, it could lead to a destabilisation of the entire country. The risk is real but, thus far, this is something which has been less discussed and many in the West have refused to see. - There is a risk that the alarmingly high level of…

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Commentary On Upcoming Palestinian Local Elections In The West Bank And Gaza Strip

Commentary on upcoming Palestinian local elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

In i24 News current affairs show The Daily Beat, Dr Björn Brenner discusses the possible outcomes of the upcoming Palestinian local elections and the likely external implications they will have. Watch the interview in full here (in English) On 8 October 2016 local elections will be held across the Palestinian territories, including the Gaza Strip. The elections will be held for 416 different local bodies, 25 of which are located in Gaza and 391 in the West Bank. Particularly interesting with these elections is that Hamas has decided to allow them to take place in Gaza - and also to…

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Understanding The French Peace Initiative: Contents, Timing And Prospects To Succeed

Understanding the French Peace Initiative: Contents, timing and prospects to succeed

In an article for the Journal of the Swedish Institute for International Affairs, Björn Brenner analyses the recent Middle East peace initiative by France. Among other things, his analysis concludes: "The French initiative may be using an untested method for conducting international negotiations; however, the French approach is well engineered to fit the current, deadlocked, political situation and to open up for diplomatic progress as much as possible." "In the end, it will be the way in which the political situation unfolds in the western part of the Middle East, together with the level of engagement demonstrated by the main…

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Book Review In Mediterranean Politics: Le Hamas Et Le Monde

Book review in Mediterranean Politics: Le Hamas et le monde

In the latest issue of Mediterranean Politics, Björn Brenner reviews Leila Seurat's new book Le Hamas et le monde (2015). The book is an informed analysis of Hamas's foreign policy and a fresh contribution to a thus far relatively scarce body of literature on Hamas. Excerpts from the review "The literature thus far on Hamas has sought to understand this seemingly paradoxical movement using an array of different approaches, including its historical roots, organizational structure, ideology, use of violence, social welfare activities, as well as internal representation and elections. Seurat adds a fresh approach to these already tested ones: understanding…

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