TLV1 – Interview With Author Of GAZA UNDER HAMAS

TLV1 - Interview with author of GAZA UNDER HAMAS

INTERVIEW WITH BJÖRN BRENNER "The burden of responsibility: Hamas rule in Gaza", TLV1 The Tel Aviv Review, 11 August 2017." In this interview, Dr Björn Brenner discusses his new book GAZA UNDER HAMAS (London: I.B. Tauris, 2017) and personal impressions of the political dynamics that play out inside the coastal territory.   GAZA UNDER HAMAS shortlisted for Palestine Book Awards 2017  GAZA UNDER HAMAS Facebook Page GAZA UNDER HAMAS on    

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Participation In Sweden’s Annual Democracy Week Almedalen

Participation in Sweden's annual democracy week Almedalen

SEMINARS WITH BJÖRN BRENNER during Sweden's annual democracy week Almedalen 2017. This year, Björn Brenner focused on the social situation in Jordan and criticised the country's poor educational system. Brenner warned that the Jordanian youth lack sufficient tools to be able to think critically and resist recruitment efforts by violent extremists such as Daesh: "Jordanian teachers and textbooks must make a much clearer distinction between what constitutes religion and what constitutes science. In addition, critical thinking must be encouraged and taught to a greater extent across all age levels." WATCH THE SEMINAR HERE READ A SUMMARY OF THE SEMINAR HERE SEMINAR…

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EU Blinded By Its Idealism – Has Palestine Has Become A European Project?

EU blinded by its idealism - Has Palestine has become a European project?

OPED IN HAARETZ BY BJÖRN BRENNER Today's Haaretz features an article by Björn Brenner about European perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the EU's unwillingness to revise its policy goal of a two-state solution: "Is Europe more desperate for a Palestinian state than the Palestinians?", Haaretz, 18 June 2017. Excerpts from the article: "Today the European Union is one of the world’s keenest advocates of the two-state solution. Year after year, the EU continues to channel millions of euros from European taxpayers into various projects in the Palestinian territories focusing on building the institutions of a future state. Far from mere…

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Trump Tour – On The Dawn Of A New US Strategy In The Middle East

Trump Tour - on the dawn of a new US strategy in the Middle East

POLICY ANALYSIS BY BJÖRN BRENNER Following Donald Trump's first trip abroad as president, notably to Saudi Arabia and Israel, contours are beginning to appear of a new US strategy in the Middle East. This strategy appears to stand on three pillars: 1. Iran OUT: US takes a new, harsher, position vis-à-vis Iran and seeks to isolate and contain the Shia republic as much as possible. 2. Daesh DOWN: US aims to eradicate the Islamic State and its affiliates. In this, Trump includes Hamas and Hizbollah, putting equal signs between all radical Islamist groups. 3. Sunni states IN: US aims to…

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