From Viken to the UN: In the footsteps of Gunnar Jarring

“Sjöofficer från Viken är fredsmäklare i Syrien”, Byaluren, 2019:1. Fakta Björn Brenner Född: 3 maj 1979, uppväxt i VikenYrke: FN-diplomat och Syrienexpert, Kommendörkapten i flottanUtbildning: Svensk och fransk marinofficersexamen, doktor i MellanösternstudierSpråk: Svenska, engelska, franska, ryska och arabiskaSidouppdrag: Ledamot av Kungl Örlogsmannasällskapet Intervju av Ea Althin Fölsch “Jag träffar Björn över en kopp kaffe på Öresunds konditori. Read More

Palestinian President’s UNGA address: A note on content and possible implications

Commentary on Swedish Radio following Abbas’s speech: “Palestinas flagga hissas och Abbas tal i FN” Intervju i P3 Nyheter, 1 oktober 2015. After weeks of rumours of ‘dropping a bombshell’ in his UN speech, Abbas addressed the General Assembly on 30 September. As it showed, at the day of delivery, the promised ‘bomb’ had transformed Read More

From statebuilding to stagnation – ongoing paradigm shift in Palestinian politics

In today’s edition of the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet I discuss the protests and violence currently taking place in Israel and the Palestinian territories. In international media, one of the biggest questions surrounding this latest wave of violence has been whether what we now see unfolding is the beginning of a third intifada. In the Read More

Links between informal justice and governance in Gaza and the West Bank

In 2015, Björn joined the French Institute for Middle East Studies in Amman as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. In addition to his ongoing research on Israeli and Palestinian politics, the year in Jordan will include field research for a new research project, titled ‘Peacemaking Politics: Sulha and the negotiation of justice in Gaza and the Read More

EU blinded by its idealism – Has Palestine become a European project?

EU blinded by its idealism – Has Palestine become a European project?   OPED IN HAARETZ BY BJÖRN BRENNER Today’s Haaretz features an article by Björn Brenner about European perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the EU’s unwillingness to revise its policy goal of a two-state solution: “Is Europe more desperate for a Palestinian state Read More

The enemy just blinked – why Hamas’s new charter is a big deal

OPED IN HAARETZ BY BJÖRN BRENNER Summary: After several years of internal deliberations, hundreds of thousands of Hamas members have agreed on substantial revisions to their organisation’s 30-year-old founding document. The new text excludes anti-Semitic language and embraces a Palestinian state on pre-1967 lines. For Hamas, this amounts to nothing less than a departure from Read More