Raqqa after IS/Daesh – Who will be the next rulers of northeastern Syria?

ANALYSIS BY BJÖRN BRENNER Following IS/Daesh’s ouster from Raqqa, new local conflict lines emerge as different actors begin to manoeuvre aspiring to gain control over the war-torn territory. Summary of analysis: ”One of the key policy analysis questions now is who will eventually take control over northeastern Syria. Will it be the SDF, Assad-loyal militias, Read More

Relations continue to deteriorate – Swedish FM Wallström not welcome to Israel

Relations between Sweden and Israel have continued to deteriorate over the past months.  Sweden unilaterally recognised the state of Palestine on 30 October 2014 and diplomatic relations between the two countries have gradually worsened since then. The latest move by the Netanyahu government to stop the Swedish foreign minister from travelling to/via Israel marks an Read More

The enemy just blinked – why Hamas’s new charter is a big deal

OPED IN HAARETZ BY BJÖRN BRENNER Summary: After several years of internal deliberations, hundreds of thousands of Hamas members have agreed on substantial revisions to their organisation’s 30-year-old founding document. The new text excludes anti-Semitic language and embraces a Palestinian state on pre-1967 lines. For Hamas, this amounts to nothing less than a departure from Read More